Saturday, May 4, 2013

Authentic watches v.s fake watches

As in most industries, if you look hard enough you can find fake watches that replicate the particular expensive watch you were originally after. And although it might look like a replica from a distance, when you look at it up close, you will notice the significant differences. You’d expect this, even against genuine lower end watches from the market. If the high quality materials aren’t used in a product then it soon becomes very clear. Not only does using particular precise metals and stones in watches add the value, but they generally are made to be more secure and sturdy. Remember, when buying an authentic expensive watch you are certainly paying for quality.

Similar to buying jewelry, if you were to go out and buy a pair of precious earrings – would you buy a fake diamond? Probably not I would assume. And this is even more of a priority in watches to guarantee they are reliable and well built.

Imitation jewels are not going to act the same way in which genuine stones or metal would. Fake materials are generally not worth the $20 that you may well have paid for them. It’s so common in these fake watches that the glass will quickly break or crack. Sometimes the colours of the metals would even begin to disappear! For the duration that a quality authentic watch would last you, you could have paid the same amount in replacing your broken fake watches – and still never have had a genuine high quality watch!

Fact about fake watches and Rolex

When I say someone’s watch is beautiful, he would say, ”it is Fake” that watch is almost sure is genuine!

Same as someone says my watch is nice, I used to say, “It is fake!”

I had an experience that someone who is a technical manager of a company told me my Rolex Date Day is too light, it is a plated gold Rolex!! I know that he does not understand watch. I said, well, “ You’re Right! As it is fake!”

People says to tell the watch is fake or not, just look at the man, if would be wrong sometimes, as some people likes to wear Fake watch, he has rich to afford but he does not.

I know one friend in San Francisco, he bought 3 pieces of Rolex, Milgauss Green Glass, Submariner Black etc…all fake, but he drives LX470, S600, Evolution Gen IX, 911SC and three Boxers of different colour!

When we buy Fake Rolex, it does not matter as it is also having a passion on Rolex, and believe one day he will buy a Genuine Rolex!

When a Watch can be used every day in your life, it lasts almost forever itself, problem is just about you! You feel bore about that watch, that is why people start to buy other various models of Rolex.

Friend of mine says that Rolex gold watch is still the cheapest Gold watch money can buy base on the

Brand name, reliability, quality and service of Rolex as a long term value. As when we buy Rolex, we are buying the whole Culture of the Rolex, not just the watch it self!

HK Snob


Mr. Leaf said...

I quite agree with you, not everyone appreciates and understands fine timepieces. In truth, I think horologically interesting timepieces can be found in all price ranges.
People who buy fake watches clearly do not appreciate fine watches and simply enjoy the (fake) status symbol.
I think in HK, people would judge a person more by their appearance (hence the more materialistic lifestyle) compared to North America or UK.

HK Snob said...

Hi Leaf,
in HK people judge the book by it cover.
Men for his Watch, shoes and Glasses.
Women for her Clothes, Watch and Bags!
Business men for his car and no. of Women around him: intended to be exposed and hidden to paparazzi!
Me, I like Rolex is no more a secret to friends of mine, Simple because it is cost effective to wear Rolex, a watch for everyday living for many many years without losing it glory! Again, Thanks for your comment!!
HK Snob

Mark said...

Nothing wrong morally or socially if you appreciate a Rolex but can not afford and buy a 99% replica with ETA movement that lasts you a lifetime like Rolex but at 10% price.

But... buying a sub 100$ Rolex replica is a joke on yourself.


HK Snob said...

I think so...agree
HK Snob