Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rolex Ref 16014 Date Just "Steel King" as what HK People used to call

This is a near Mint Condition Rolex Great Classic Date Just for men, 36 mm Ref 16014. Stainless Steel Perpetual Oyster with 18 KT Solid White gold Fluted Bezel and Jubilee stainless steel Strap. The condition is great, the label under the watch is still un-scratched, the watch has not been polished. Believe this Japanese owner had slightly used this watch at all.

It comes with International Warranty, Circa 1990. The powder white Dial was of the newest design at that time, a Rolex Computer dial with Arabic numeric. A great watch to use, and a great legendary watch for us. As we used to call this the “Rolex Steel King!" in Hong Kong.

Price is HKD$18,500HK Snob

PS Watch Sold to a Philippino Friend on 26 May 2013


Anonymous said...

Yummy! This lovely watch was still in near-mint condition!

Anonymous said...

Nice watch.

Anonymous said...

Classics and good-looking!

Anonymous said...

An Rare in this good condition with Warranty!