Saturday, May 25, 2013

The BesselWorld 2013 Rolex Retro Day Date Comes into effect

With the new BeselWorld 2013 preview of Rolex Day Date with a young look with leather strap design will capture more younger buyers who are a bit itching going for Rolex Gold Watch after his drawer has bee full of the steel tool watch!

Well, look at recent More magazine ad that Lane Crawford cannot wait to sell some of the most lovely colour Day Just and Day Date Ref 1803… Buy price is astonishingly un-friendly!

Black Date Just with ten Shinning Sugar cubes- HKD$97,000

Blue Date Just without diamond HKD$104,000

Green Date Just without Diamond HKD$104,000

Note the Stella Red Ref 1803 , price is HKD$314,000

HK Snob

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