Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Lange and Sohne Datograph



Even though you don't know much about watches, once you have seen this watch, I believe you will appreciate how beautiful the mechanical assembly, polishing, and evenly arranged layout of the parts on the watch. Yes, Datograph, from A lange & Sohne.

Each piece of the components has been finely polished to the highest standard to a mirror surface, meticulously care has been exercised on each of the chamfer, whereas where two chamfers meets, is still able to maintain a vertical straight line. What can you say!?

Is German watch manufacturing another step higher than the Swiss!? No in par!?

It is a Platinum watch that weighs like one Ton on my hand! Partly it is heavily expensive!

Man, Should I sell one of my kidneys for this watch?

The watch belongs to one of the low profile watch collectors in HK! He has also a case of Rolex Day Date of various fancy colour!

HK Snob


JTK said...

A. Lange & Sohne ..... a German name that's a mouthful to pronounce.
If I win the lottery, I would buy one of their watches, perhaps a Lange 1 Time Zone or the Lange 1 "Darth" (ie. black dial, white gold case). Their quality is superb, better than a Patek in my opinion, and infinitely more interesting. Pateks are in fact a bit passe, since more people are beginning to wear them.

HK Snob said...

Agree, PP is a bit passe!
HK Snob