Friday, November 9, 2012

Rolex OysterQuatz

I am still waiting my Ref, 19019 to come as It has been in Rolex HK for changing the Day and Date Dial to Chinese, being a Collector, I like to have the Chinese Character on the Rolex as it is rare! However, they always todl me to "wait"! I am going to lose my patience to wait!
OysterQuartz was produced for about 25,000 so far, and they are Collectible item especially the White gold version. So far I have not seen a Stella Red Dial OysterQuartz, If you have seen one , do not let it go!
I have picked up some of the ads and celebrity who used to be wearer of Rolex OysterQuartz.
Note that they were sold at US$1,275 for just a stainless steel DateJust in 1979, That is an equilvalent amount of HKD$70,000 in todays money. so if you can see a good condition OysterQuartz, you can consider buying it... as it is a good price to buy now!

                                              John Houston, in  this vintage Apple Poster

                                                   Peter Habeler, A Mt. Everest Climber

                                                      Roger Heiniger, Former Rolex CEO

The Above People wear Rolex OysterQuartz Stainless steel Date Just.

HK Snob


koshiru said...

Hey, do you have any idea how much would Rolex Service centre in HK charge for repairs and part replacement if my 17000 Oysterquartz (same as what you purchased) stopped moving even after change of new batteries?

HK Snob said...

Hi KoShiru San,

Thanks for your message, I really can not tell exactly how much!
but I have a OysterQuartz Two Tone that had the same as I put the watch over some places for long long time, When I took out it was not moving, and I brought it to Rolex and they changed the whole Movement for me. I remember that I paid for HKD$4,250 at that time, but it was 14 years ago... Now you case may not be the same, and I believe that the battery leakage is Alkaline and would damaged the PCB board and the coil. So the best is still chnage the whole PCBA. That is the best way, and this is the worse case, but still there is case that the movement fault is due to the mechanical movement that need tunning or lubrication.
So the best is send to Rolex shop asking them to help you!?
Are you staying in HK!?
The happy case is a simple tune up and they will lubricate for you, that will be a bout HKD$2,500
and worse case is to change the whole movement, with Todays; inflation, it will be around.. HKD$6,000. My rough guess only!
I can ask some of my friend who has a lot of OysterQuartz and the techncian working at Rolex...give us more info!
Wait for a while if I can get more information for you!
Hey,, OysterQuartz is a very very good watch, the best Quartz watch in the world!! keep it!
HK Snob

koshiru said...

Thanks for your super fast response.

I believe my case is the worst case and need to change whole movement but not due to battery leak.

Would appreciate if you can get me more information on pricing as I am not located in Hong Kong but might be posted to Hong Kong for work early next year, and HK has one of the world's most Rolex owners, so oysterquartz should be plenty in HK in the Asia Pacific region.

HK Snob said...

Hi koshiru

I am check and waiting for some reply. yes Rolex HK is the centre for all Asianpacific Rolex Distribution and service as China and HK takes 65% of all Rolex Sales.
Do you have some one taking care of our Rolex?
update you soon!
HK Snob

HK Snob said...

Hi Koshiru

I have checked with people working in Rolex... The change of the new movement is about HKD$12,000.
That is the cost of my repair plus inflation after 13 years!
Well, I just sold one at HKD$19,000at tip top condition plus Original Birth Certiificate... if you are interested in future for a good one, I can talk to my friend of osyterQuartz collector to keep an eye for you!
HK Snob

koshiru said...

HKD$12000! That's alot of money!

Your collector friend know of any reliable Rolex repair technicians not from HK Rolex who might possibly have the spare parts and repair at cheaper rate?

Oysterquartz good watch if its ticking, but trouble comes when its not!

HK Snob said...

Dear Koshiru

Rolex Oysterquartz is a best Quartz movement in the world. Ths cost of that OysterQuartz was 2.5X the pirce of a Two tone date just in the 80s. and I am sure there is no one who can have extra spare for the movement in HK except Rolex Swiss and Rolex service centre HK! I have talked to friend and Rolex technician in this morning, they do not have extra spare.
HK Snob

koshiru said...
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koshiru said...

Do you think Oysterquartz collectors would buy my watch in non-working condition but exterior is mint (90%), never polished before and bought in 2001 (the last series of OQ being produced)

Otherwise if I have it repaired, how much can I sell it? Estimates?

Mine is the black dial.

HK Snob said...

Dear Koshiru,
If I were you, I will not sell it as the Movement is the heart and you should send to Rolex for quotation first. May be my estimation is wrong, some time Rolex is so kind to give you some surpise? try first. The watch can be sold at about HKD$20K with certificate and box. That is dealer price. About HKDHK$23-27K market price.
HK Snob