Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rolex or Omega

"Is that Rolex?" ..."It is Omega!"

                                       Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M "Skyfall" Limited Edition

Daniel Craig wears a Rolex Milgauss Ref, 116400

At some point in Casino Royale, something happens that even watch fans found too much. When Bond and Vesper Lynd are traveling by train, Lynd looks at Bond's wrists and asks "Rolex?" "Omega" replies Bond, and that was that.
That would be a multi-millions extra income for MGM/UA as James Bond wears Omega in the movie but how come they could mentioned “Rolex” that is a real business world, I wonder why senior staff of Omega would allow the name “Rolex” would be appears in the movie! As they are head to head competitors.

Everyone would make use any opportunity to make advertisement. Note that the Red Wine on the table belongs to Chateau Angelus, Premier Grand Cru Class from Saint Emilion.

On the other hand, the Range Rover SUV James pushes onto a line of 5 luxury cars when he was treated as a parking helper unintentionly, of course the main focus is on James Bond’s Aston Martin DBS.

What watch Daniel Wear in Casino Royale?
Seamaster 300 (Ref. 2531.80.00) + Planet Ocean which lead to some interesting spots, for example: When Bond starts to type his resignation letter on the yacht in Venice he's wearing an Omega Planet Ocean watch with a black strap. When he finished typing and closed his laptop he's wearing an Omega Seamaster.

Omega has also released photos of the official Skyfall watch.
Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M "Skyfall" Limited Edition will see a limited release of just 5,007 watches available for purchase.

What Watch Daniel wears when he is not in the film?
Daniel was found wearing an Rolex Milgauss and Date just in some other occasions.

So again, Rolex and Omega, is the best Choice of James Bond and Daniel Craig!

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