Friday, November 16, 2012

No More Laser Hologram Sticker on your Rolex

A Rolex Crown mark on the 6'oclock position, can you see it!?

Since 2006* Rolex Stopped using the Hologram Sticker on the back of the watch case, instead they use Laser to burn a Rolex Trade mark “Crown” on the 6 o’clock position on the crystal. Partly the Hologram sticker was on sales internet, and there is no way to tell that is a Rolex issued sticker or not, moreover a Laser burn mark on the crystal is technical more challenge for small scale Copy Watch Maker!
They started on the Explorer I first and then implemented on other Series of watch…

Someone who did buy a New Rolex told me he can not find the Laser burnt Crown mark, in fact it is very light and difficult to see as they can not out too much power on it. This is more difficult to put a lighter mark than heavy as they laser Marker has a more sophistical electronics control of emitted energy.

You should look carefully with some light shine from sideward.. if you can not find it …. Ask someone or Rolex AD to show you… if really you can not see one, The Crystal is not Original Rolex… but this almost impossible if your watch is bought from AD. If really so, you should get a replacement!
HK Snob

Someone told me started 2006, some one told me 2005 or 2007, Who can confirm me when that was started!?

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