Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rolex King Midas, the first Rolex to use Sapphire Crystal

Rolex King Madas was top of Cellini line, it was Designed by Gerald Genta. The same time Gerald designed the AP Royal Oak in 1970 and Patek Philippe Nautilus 4 years later. AP Royal Oak was launched in 1972 and Patek Philippe Nautilus was launched in 1976.
He took the design from ancient Greece, the famous Parthenon temple in Athens. The King Midas were “sculptured” from a block of 18K white gold or 18K yellow gold, weighing between 150 and 190 grams, depending on the model and gold. It was the heaviest weight gold watch available, even heavier than Rolex Date Day White Gold I am using now (150g). Note that It was the first Rolex wristwatch produced with a sapphire crystal, in 1977 Rolex started to use Sapphire Crystal on the Oyster Model. The first King Midas series, ref. 9630, was produced in a limited edition of 1,000 examples and was followed by ref. 3580, also produced in a limited edition. Ref 9630 was the first and only limited edition made left handed. Additional references were produced after the Midas collection became part of the Cellini line. Like several other Rolex models, the King Midas “starred” in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974). It was worn by Bond villain Francisco Scaramanga (played by Christopher Lee). The most famous King Midas watch is one that was owned by the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. In 1970.
At that time, the King Midas was Rolex’s most expensive model. In 1970 a Rolex Day-Date retailed for $1,825 and a King Midas retailed for $2,500. In 1975 a Day-Date retailed for $3,300 and a King Midas retailed for $5,500.
King Midas is not waterproof.
Elvis Plesley worn Hamilton Ventura, Gold Omega Constellation, Gold Longines, Corum and the Rolex King Midas
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