Saturday, November 17, 2012

Crazy Rolex Colour drives me Crazy!


                                                                       Lapis Blue

                                                  Bungandy Red Lacquer with 48 Diamonds

                                                                    Brown Lacquer

                                                                  Grey Lacquer

                                                                       Purple Lacquer
                                                                Orange Wood Fossil

                                                                                    Turquoise Blue Lacquer

                                                              Orange Red Coral

    Stella Red Lacquer
After the Christie’s Auction on Rolex Ref 1803… Red, Blue, we can see more fantastic colour of Rolex had ever produced before…. I am sure that kind of Colour was made in very small number. As they might not be a choice by most of the Rolex fans at that time. Well, as For me…
I like all these Colour...

This kind of Rolex with absurd colour dial would be one of the ideal collectible items for Rolex Connoisseurs.

What are the colour that could melt my heart to buy!?

  1. Stella Red
  2. Lapis Blue
  3. Turquoise Blue
  4. Purple
  5. Orange or Coral Reef
  6. Burgandy
  7. Green
  8. Grey

HK Snob

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