Sunday, November 6, 2011

Seiko Kinetic Watch

The capacitor is inserted under Copper plate at 7 O'clock position.

Is Seiko Kinetic Watch does not carry battery!
The answer is, No, it does not carry a battery,
But instead it does carry a Capacity!
The Kinetic watch power is relied on a mechanical rotor to generate electricity when we move the rotor. It will charge up the capacity and that battery will be used to maintain the power of the Microprocessor and all the steppers driving the analogues display.
When the watch is un-touched or left behind more than a 24 hours, the hands of the watch will stop, that is going into a hibernate mode to save power. That is a very good feature of Seiko Kinetic. When you pick up the watch again, the hands will be moved to the current display time.
The beauty of the Kinetic watch is mechanical movement for power generation and runs at the accuracy of the Quartz Watch at about 0.3 seconds a day.
The Draw back of the Kinetic Watch is that still it contain a Capacitor that you might have to replace after 6 to 10 years after the capacitor wears out. And it is quite expensive. The watch that I have shown here is required to replace the capacitor for HKD$280 after 7 years.
Next time I would like to buy a pure mechanical watch instead of Kinetic version from Seiko!

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