Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rolex probably has the Lowest TCO

Fake RolexYou can find fake designer and luxury products just about anywhere these days, and most people consider owning one a harmless transgression. After all, if you were never going to pay HKD$80,000 for a real Rolex, who is really hurt if you wear a fake that cost you HKD$350? Rolex didn’t really lose a sale, right? It turns out that the victim of the “crime” may be none other than you!
An Interesting research project has demonstrated that the act of wearing a fake designer item actually causes an individual to behave in a more unethical and cynical manner. The study was started by giving a group of young female subjects expensive Chloé sunglasses to wear. These glasses were actually all authentic products, but half of the subjects were told that they were wearing a fake.

Fake Watch and Dishonest manner
In subsequent testing the subjects wearing the “fake” sunglasses were more than twice as likely to cheat on a math test (71% vs 26%) when they thought their cheating would not be detected. Another test showed that the subjects wearing “fake” sunglasses judged other people as more likely to behave in a dishonest manner.
It isn’t uncommon to see a lot of Fake Rolexes in HK. Are People wearing Fake product will likely been suspected that they have tendency to cheat! There is report saying that wearing Fakes makes one feel like a phony.

Why Fake
So why do people wear Fake Rolex, Louis Vitton, Gucci, Hermes?! I have some assumptions, young kids like to show to his class of friend he is able to use expensive luxury products. That is the fact HK judges people by their appearance! Someone said the Luxury goods would bring them with confidence, true!?
No, As still many people in HK do not like Rolex, they have two groups of people, one who can not afford to buy one and they probably never can, so they do not like this kind of Products,
Another one is who is too rich and probably they would not like to use anything at all as they are not extravaganza to them.
Watch, they drop Rolex, go for Patek Philippe
Car, they drop Porsche, go for Ferrari
Pen, they drop Montblanc, they go for Namiki…
Some watch collectors do not collect Rolex as they said that Rolex is too basic for them, , their preference is Something else. I had friend that obvious he announce he hates Rolex!! He is an Anti_Rolex_Actvist! Anyway, he is one of the minority only.
My comment
A watch got to be very dependable, accurate, trouble free, rugged, comfortable to wear,
Has a Swiss tradition, has successful story behind, affordable and reasonable pricing.
My preference is still solid gold watch like Day Date, as it is cheap to own cheap to use,
And never prone to have problem…

TCO means “Total Cost of Ownership”
A term to defends semiconductor equipment value.
TCO (total cost of ownership) is a type of calculation designed to help consumers and enterprise managers assess both direct and indirect costs and benefits related to the purchase of any IT component or semiconductor manufacturer equipment. The intention is to arrive at a final figure that will reflect the effective cost of purchase, all things considered Such as:
Cost of the instrument- Lowest price for a Solid gold watch
Output of the equipment- Rolex Never let you down
MTBA (Mean time between assistance) longer the better, Rolex seldom fail
MTTR (mean time to Repair) shorter the better, Two Weeks Maximum to repair in Rolex Service Centre HK for normal Failure… Some other Swiss Brand took me 5 Month to overhaul a watch!!
Repair Cost- Rolex seems is very reasonable. Normal Repair is approx. HKD$1500, Some of the Swiss Watch (Not Rolex) can ask for HKD$50,000 for a overhaul, no damages at all.
Down Time, Lower better, for watch, should be “Zero”
Rolex has a super high value even using for many years, it does not lose face when you wear your grand-pa’ Milgauss or Daytona. Will You!, if yes, give them to me!
Rolex is All Season, All Weather, all occasions partner for you!
Rolex is beautiful…

As a Conclusion, In my humble opinion, Rolex has the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

PSI do not have any connection with Rolex Watch Company, agent and or Rolex AD, I just express my personal comment on Rolex!
HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Hi HK Snob,

You mention the lower price of repairing/servicing your Rolex. Where do you have your watches repaired/serviced? The Official Rolex Service Centre or do you have other watchmakers you can recommend for this work?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

HK Snob said...

Call Kei Koh tel 97037988
He is in 60's can repair most of the Rolex, say Paul Refers you there
HK Snob