Saturday, November 26, 2011

What is The best Collectible Rolex We should Buy Today?

You want to tell about which current model Rolex is the most collectable? And which model is the best selling from each brand? First, best-selling and collectable almost rule each other out. The truly collectable Rolex watches that fetch the highest prices are those that were produced in a very small series or even had a manufacturing default. So Does it mean a Platimum Rolex Date Day is the best Collectible. I don't think so.
A Collectible watch may contain or fulfill this factors:
Always having a Good Movement
A Good technologic Achievement
A Memorial item
A limited number of production A Must
A Hit watch at certain time later, retro Style
Not necessary Beautiful.
A Good Brand Value, Always important factor.
A Rolex Date Day is A Beautiful good Technological Achievement as it is Flag ship of Rolex
But does not mean it is Collectible as generally they are made in Volume production.
It's similar to stamps. The run of the mill stamps are worth nothing. The odd misprint can be worth millions because they are so rare.
Rolex is an ideal case for that because they produce industrially. Thus in principle you don't get collectability from Rolex watches. However, certain versions stand out and are indeed super desirable (Black Explorer, Vanilla Sub, Comex Sub , Paul Newman Daytona, McQueen Explorer II, Ferrari Red Dial). Rolex are industrial but some rare one off watches will fetch up to HKD$1,000,000. The opposite are super rare Patek Philippe 1953 World Time Enamel watches. There are only 3 per pieces. The highest price was around $4 million. This proves that rarity and technical complexity as well as aura are the driving factors in collectability and value.
Thus it is for watches. New collectors should do their own research and they should march to the beat of their own drummer when it comes to collecting watches, but there are still some general trends, histories and situations that influence the long term values of many watch brands and many models of movements.
So what is the Best Collectible Rolex that we should Buy today!?
Rolex Submariner Ref. 116610LV Green bezel green dial
Rolex Explorer II Ref 216570 Orange pointer Black Dial

This is My Suggestion only!
HK Snob

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