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What is the best Selling Model for Rolex In HK?

The Most recognizable Rolex Model is no question the Fluted Bezel Date Just or the Day Date. As the Fluted Bezel stands out amongst the rest of the watch as an Icon of Rolex.
Rolex never published their sales figure on models, base on my understanding, it is estimated that 60% of Rolex watches sold are some versions of the Date Just.
Best Sportive model is Submariner, but it comes with one size, where Date Just comes with 3 sizes Men, Boy (mid) and lady, till 2009 that they introduced the Ref. 116334 Rolex Date Just for men 41mm size. So there are 4 sizes for Date Just, plus a few variants for different strap available, and the material for watch stainless steel, two tones, and Rose gold Two Tone. This creates a lot of variants for different people who does like his style and models. This Successful Strategy makes Rolex Date Just the Most Successful Model.
A Rough estimation this is the best Selling Model in HK
1. Men Stainless Steel Date Just Ref. 116234
2. Men Two Tone stainless Steel and Yellow Gold Date Just Ref. 116233
3. Men Two Tone stainless Steel and Rose Gold Date Just Ref. 116231 mainly because of the Chinese. The Date Just occupies approximately 50% of total Rolex Sales in HK.
The Submariner is very popular for professional divers, youth and sportive woman, celebrity and movie star. Since it has only one size, due to the effect of the Divers, Professionals, executives and Celebrities, Movies Star, the Sales is keep up with the Date Just, but due to one model only, their sales is approximately 6% of Total Rolex Sales units. The Third best Selling model is Explorer II.
So How About Date Day, as you know, Date Day is the flag Ship of All Rolex, only Gold is available, that has been marked as the Icon of the Big Brother’s watch, Presidents watch, CEO, CTO best favourite watch, as no one can afford if you are not the manager’s in the company, and in fact this gives Date Day a image of Older men’s watch. Yes, I seldom seeing men wears a Date Day if he is younger than 40’s.., So Date Day becomes a Status of Watch in your career.
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