Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Rolex Hot item at Singapore Chang Yi AirPort Rolex Shop

Chang Yi Airport Rolex shop has the rare item that HK People is looking for such as The Rolex Explorer II orange Hand white Dial, they are selling at SGD$12,000.00. Price has been deduced the GST 7% already, where as the list price is supposed to be SGD$10300. They have no stock for Black dial which I think is Better than White as the Orange Hands inner portion is black, so the yellow arrow hands looks apparently to be “ floating arrow"!! When I look at it, I feel that it is large, but a bit large than it is needed. I think it is not as attractive as I was thinking of. So I thin I will switch from Black Dial, which I have to see and start to tell how does it looks. May be it is not as beautiful as I am thinking. Anyway, I did not buy the white dial Explorer II Orange hand!
Other rare item is Submariner , they have limited supply of it. There also they have Milgauss orange hand white dial. So why should Singaporean come to HK for shopping for the Rolex!?

Singapore Snob

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