Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rolex Explorer II Orange is on Sale Now

There is news that Hour Glass Singapore has some limited Supply of Rolex Explorer II Orange for Sales, The Black Dial is more attractive as I was told by my friend, of course he is Singaporean.
They are asking SGD$10,000.00, that is an equivalent of HKD$62,000.00., VAT included.
In Dubai, there in Rolex AD selling at AED$31,000, that is HKD$66,650.00.
So in that sense the official price for this Explorer II Orange is approximately HKD$62,500 I guess on Hong Kong. In the first two months I Don't think they have any discount offered for you. I think by End September, the HK should have this latest invasion from Rolex.

HK Snob

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