Sunday, September 18, 2011

Citizen's Minute Repeater

This is a good piece of watch, only if you do not mind it was made of Electronics. Well, a cheapest mechanical Repeater is selling at least HKD$500,000.00. This is only 5% of it when I bought it in 1992. Recently Citizen produces a new repeater but so thick that you do not want to buy!
It is A Limited Production from Citizen, Perpetual Calendar. For the music tone is absolutely no mechanical watch can produce… it is crystal clear and loud enough to wake you up!! As it is generated by 16 bit music tone generator IC chip, water proof, Super accurate.. Just one thing, it take 30 minutes to replace the battery, it has to go through series of set-up before the watch can be used. I taught the repair man to replace the battery as the Japanese had problem in writing clear English instruction on the back of the bottom cover. I doubt Citizen dealer also had to scratch their head to replace battery and they may charge you HKD$400 for such a battery of 20 dollars.
Anyway, I am a poor snob, but at least I have a Minute Repeater!! How Can you do not have an repeater and calling yourself a Watch Collector… Don’t mock at me Mr. Rich coz I am just a honest little staff in a big Company… my monthly income is a disgrace!
HK Snob

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