Sunday, September 25, 2011

Geneve Seal, The Poincon de Geneve

There is always the term “Geneve Seal Hallmark”, and or the Poincon de geneve mentioned on some of the Highest Quality Watches from Switzerland.
The Stringency finish requirement by Poincon de Geneve quality hallmark bears witness to its determination to raise the level of quality well above average standards, and to its desire to cultivate the Swiss tradition on fine watchmaking professions in-house.
Each of the movement will be submitted to Geneva Watchmaking School for approval. This authority of Geneva, is the only one entitled to grant and apply for his hallmark; the selection criteria are listed below
There are 12 commandments for Watch making!
Fine Workmanship
1. The fine Workmanship of all the parts of the caliber, including those additional mechanism, must meet the demands of the Geneva Voluntary Watch Testing Office.
Steel parts must have polished bevels, drawn down flanks, smoothed visible parts, polished r circular-grained screw heads ( with beveled rim and slot).
2. All movements must be equipped on the gear-train and escapement with jewels with polished holes. N the bridge side, the jewels must half-polished with polished sinks. There are no stipulations regarding th fourth wheel jewels on the plate.
Regulator Stud
03 The balance spring must be affixed by means of an inserted cover plate with a stud featuring a round neck and head. An adjustable mobile stud-bearer is acceptable.
04 Inset of split indexes are acceptable in conjunction with a holding system, apart from ultrathin Calibres where this system is not required.
Regulating systems featuring a balance with a variable moment of inertia are acceptable as long as they fulfil the requirements specified under article 3, point 1.
Going Trains
The wheel sof the going chain must be chamfered above and below and have a polished sink. In wheels 0.15mm thick or less, a single chamber is allowed on the bridge side.
The pivot shanks and the faces of the pinion leaves must be polished.

The escapement wheel must ne light, not more than 0.16mm thick in large calibers and 0.13mm in calibers under 18mm, and its locking face must be polished.
The angle Traversed by the lever must be limited by fixed banking walls to the exclusion of pins and studs.
Shock Proofing
10 Movement fitted with shock proofing are accepted
Winding Mechanism
The Ratchet wheel and the crown wheel must be finished according to registered patterns.
Wire springs are not permitted.

Refer to Roger Dubuis Operation Manual
HK Snob

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