Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Roger Dubuis MuchMore has received a revision in RD factory

Well, my Muchmore has been running for a couple of years, though the time it runs on my wrist is less than 500 hours. It is a Perpetual calendar, there are 152 parts inside, it has been very accurate that it never lose or gain more than anything I could possibly notice through the hand and dial.
I decided to send to RD for a total revision,… at their Swiss Manufacture.
After 4 months, the beautiful sales lady called me for collection, surprisingly; they gave me a “NEW” watch… exaggerated… in fact, they polished it to the same polishing as to a New watch. And was certified with a letter that allows this watch to enjoy 12 months of WARANTY!
This is the lifestyle of Enjoyment of buying a good watch, not necessary expensive, but they treat you like other of their important Customers Bill Clinton, Nicolas Cage and Britney Spears who wear the RD as I do, Bill Clinton used to own the Roger Dubuis MuchMore but not my Salmon Colour…. …. This is no other Brand can possible being go in par with... well of course this is Roger Dubuis… I like the Watch first before I like the brand, as every Roger Dubuis carry the Genève Seal on every of their watches… and their design is so unique, fashioned and daring!
The team is so professional that you may find you are not as good as they are when you talks about watches… especially the senior sales associates and the managers.
Moreover, they treat you like friends, and you can chat as free as you can. Friends of mine haven been received some dirty eyes in other shop of other brands whereby telling you that is a watch value more than 1 million… and they do not even offer you the watch to try out on your wrist.. Of course, this is Hong Kong.. We can not omit that there are shops that run in their rule of games… especially to someone they don’t know much.
16 years ago, when you speak Mandarin, the shop Keeper might not serve you, how if you dress lousy like I and Speak Cantonese like I… you may not be served…
Times has changed, I have seen a Chinese man buying One bottle of Balvenie whisky with cash of RMB700,000 in HK Airport… Who can beat them with money!? May be Mr. Lee, Mr. Lau, Mr. Kwok….but definitely not a poor sales man like me!
Next time, when your next Watch buy is not yet determined, and you may have a lot of Rolex, Patek Philippe, AP, VC, JLC,…Try out this Roger Dubuis… before they go too expensive Tomorrow! Or if you do not have many good watch at all, go Buy one from Roger Dubuis... they have some good for money watch that makes you drooling...
Your Roger Dubuis is likely one of the most beautiful Elegant Watches from Switzerland.
HK Snob

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