Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to buy a good Pre-owned Rolex in Hong Kong?

There are a lot of Tricks and fraud on selling Rolexes since 70’s; nowadays I can not rule out that there is not such practice… But the Concern is even the Seller bought Fake Rolex before they sell to you. There are so called Cocktail-Rolex in HK, though the percentage is very low but hey, Who knows!? As Even Rolex Service Centre some times had to consult expert in verifying the Authenticity of the Rolex they receive for repairing. Imagine they are under age of thirty in average, how can you expect they can have that kind of knowledge…The master watch guru is just too busy to handle all the Enquiries.
Experience and the knowledge on the watch is needed if you want to buy good valued-pre-owned Watches. Some of my advices and advices of the Rolex Collectors:
Go with a pro
Ask Local people t buy together with you
Also tricky people may look at the buyer, say if the buyers is inexperienced people and they may tend to give or recommend them "Less Good Quality Stuff" to them. This is the General practice for people who do business. That is why; ALWAYS go to some trustful stores for the Rolex.
Reliable Shops
Prefer to go the trusted Shops that have been running for many decades in HK, unless you know the shop keepers.
Remember no free lunch, and No Cheap Rolex
If the price is too low, I will not buy. You know what I mean!
The price of a Rolex can be determined by it model, market demand, the Originality, condition and the accessories such as birth Certificates (Warranty card), Boxes, and even original purchase invoice.
Ocular Inspection
I will check for the usage, means that how Rough the watch has been used...
Check the outer screw thread for traces of abuse used if the tread is badly worn off.
Check for the dial if that Night Glowing Dots is original or not
Check for the Hands are bent or have been oxidized
Check for signs of the Cases has been polished or not: So Call FAT Boy is the good original case, of the case has been polished, it is “Thinner”.
Open and See
I Will ask if I can Open and see the movement, well, that is tough for you and even for me in some of the shops in HK
Buy from Dealer
I used to buy from Dealers....who can open the watch and show me... and Most of all, Dealer is cheaper.

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