Sunday, October 11, 2009

James Bond Watch: Omega or Rolex?

Rolex Submariner, The James Bond watch Watch has been a kind of ornament, man accessories, and as a piece of moving art as a result of few hundred years of Engineering works of Swiss precision and micro mechanics.

Watch was a piece of very expensive stuff in the time before 1960, as I recalled my father bought me a Citizen for me as the first watch for me to enter form one in the year of 1969. That was about HKD$65. And that watch was not able to run for many years, but still I treasured it as that was a lot of money deducted from my father's trivial Salary.

Watch was only available in form of pocket watch not until Cartier who tried to put it on the wrist in the 1911 for Alberto Santos Dumont for his air trip. After a while there has been pain taking effort on resolving the major enemy, Water, Dust, magnetism and Shock. However water will defintely the biggest challenge at that time.

Rolex’s Hans Wilsdorf has well known that the need for a water proof watch would change the world for people wearing a watch for work, sport and office without any worry on damaging it.. They made the Oyster as to put it inside an air tight chamber like case in 1926, and let Mercedes Gleitzes to swim across the British Strait. Overnight, Rolex became a legend. However not until 1954, Rolex made the first Submariner a true water proof watch was able to be made practical for divers.

1956, James Bond Submariner Ref 6538 that can live up to 200 Meters in water was invented 1960, Rolex made a few experimental Deep See Specials that was hanged outside the US Submarine “Trieste” went dwon to world deepest Marina Trench of 10,908 feet. Since then, Submariner would have been the standard equipment for professional divers. In the 80’s TV, Rolex has been using the Trieste as advertisement for promoting the image of sport and water proof function of the legendary Submariner.

1971. Rolex research and development centre had made a special gas escape valve for the Sea-Dweller. In 1972, M. Patrice Chemin and M. Robert Gauret wore Sea-Dweller at a chamber containing mixture of Osyen and Helium and dove into Marseille 600 Metres staying for 18 days as a new world record.

Submariner and James Bond
Ian Fleming novel “On her Majesty’s Secret Service 1969 that was turned out to be the most exciting adventurer movie, that James bond was utilizing Rolex Oyster Perpetual as his most lethal weapon anytime he needed it.

21 Oct 1054, CSB’s Black White film “Casino Royale” (Barry Nelson). The 007 Secret agent was actually wearing a Rolex Submariner. Partly because James Bond was British Royal Navy’s commander, Wearing a submariner was the best choice for him.

1962 Sean Connery ‘s Dr. No “ , 1963’ from Russia with Love” he worn Submariner.
1964 Gold Finger and 1965 Thunderball, 1969 On her Majesty’s Secret Service, 007 worn Submariner.
1995 Pierce Brosnan Golden Eye, Omega, the Rival of Rolex wanted to take away some of the market share form Rolex, 007 worn an Omega Seamaster Professional.
2002 James Bond movie “ Die Another Day” , Omega launched a limited “Seamaster James Bond”!
Since than most of the people forget that Rolex was the first handy weapon of James Bond.

Some Historical Date for Rolex best products:

1927 Mercedes Gleitze swam across the British Strait wearing a Oyster Rolex Watch
1931 Rolex launch Perpetual Watch
1945 Rolex made it Date Just Oyster Perpetual
1953 Rolex Created the Submariner Ref 6200
1954 Rolex made the first GMT Master Ref 6542
1956 Rolex launch the double Day Date ref 6511

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