Sunday, October 11, 2009

Where to buy watch of good value for money?

There are too many rich people in Hong Kong, and there are too many people who want to own rather to to appreaciate the engineering excellenece of a Swiss watch master?

I know many people, city Celebrities, lawyers, doctors buy watch for fun, they enjoy the moment they buy their watch and moment people admires how attractive his watch is.... There are too many people that would dump their watch after using for a while for some cash. They never keep their watch more than 2 years!

I have a friend showed me an AP Skeleton White gold perpetural canlendor watch at HKD380,000 and that watch was selling at HKD1,000,000.

Well Why did he buy that watch? Why did they sell it? That is too difficult for me to fully understand them.

I have seen another one, a 99% new Patek Philippe World time only HKD280,000. The Original price was over half million.

Well, There are so many buy and sell of watch in Hong Kong, but I am focusing on Rolex as they are Cheap!... Cheap means good value for money and we will not lose too much after being a owner and user for a few years.

That is the best stragety that I can use the limited money on watch, So when I catpure a good watch, we can consider to keep it forever... why not?!

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