Saturday, October 10, 2009

AP Lady classic

This is an AP I bought in Thailand World Trade Centre in 1997 whereby the Thai Baht dropped by 100% at that moment due to the Asian Financial Break down. I bought at about HKD$10,000, I bought an Hexgon Cartier TT Auto Santos at About HKD4,500, A Rolex TT Ladies Date just at about HKD10,000.

The rest of them I sold already and make some profit when I returned HK. I And I keep this AP for one my daughters when they grown up later. As this is the watch of the 80's and was well designed with the shape of almond, you see the crystal has to be cut very precisely to fit the watch. It mechanism is close to perfect, very accurate, I have never sent them for cleaning as it runs very smoothly.
When I wind two rounds, the watch will be alive, and it could run to the last mini gram force of the spring can release. That means that the mechanical fiction is very low.

This is how to tell how good the watch was made!

Now this watch was wearing by by elder daoughter in Thailand Working as Intern oin Bangkok.

Bangkok Snob

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