Thursday, October 1, 2009

The most Punctual Clock in the World

Switzerland is world renowned for its punctuality, a reputation enhanced with the enduring image of the Swiss Railway Clock. The clock, displayed in every railway station in Switzerland, can be found more than 3,000 times across the country. The simple and unique design is an international symbol for reliability and visitors learn quickly to depend on its easy-to-read face to ensure they make their train departure. Back in the 1940s when the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) was looking for a way to take advantage of their name for punctuality and incorporate this theme into their national image, they asked Hans Hilfiker, an SBB employee, engineer and prolific inventor, to come up with a highly visible clock that would not only form the basis of their later corporate identity, but it would help to guarantee on time departures as well.
Hilfiker, an exponent of products that were both functional and well designed, created the Railways masterpiece in 1944. The design, with its clear and easily read face, mimics the smooth running of the trains and incorporates clever features that demonstrate punctuality in a highly visible fashion.
With the famous seconds stop every minute - pause for a moment at 58 seconds and think before you start into a new minute of your life. Was trigger to be actviated by electic pulse at "0" second. The facinative " stop to go", like on the original clock, features the Red Second hand turns full circle in just 58 Seconds. And waits at 12 O'clock for the black minute hand to move on before the starting of next rotation.

Now this watch is available in HK Tsuen Wan Plaza

I saw an Automatic Chronomters, HKD50,000.00 Great taste!

Tsuen Wan Plaza Snob

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