Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rolex GMT Master II

In 1954, Rolex had another memorial year is his history, in Switzerland most populous city Basel, they made exposure on their most important model Explorer, Submariner, and Turn-O-Graph as for general sports goers, put this Utility Watch as a new concept to the World, created that kind of inspiration to other watch makers, Rene-Paul Jeanneret, a sport lovers, represented Rolex as the public relation officer, showed to the watch lovers the innovative of an utility watch and that motive attracted Pan AM. The World largest Air line company worked with Rene-Paul as a market leader of watch co-developing the World Famous GMT Master!

Pan Am sent Rolex WWII air hero captain Frederick Libby as a technical consultant as a user point of view, whilst Jeanneret though about adding a 24 hours bezel on the watch plus an additional pointer for 2nd City time... Rolex assigned Model 6202, using Caliber 1030 from Turn-O-Graph as the basic watch design, laterRolex decided to create a brand new caliber 1065 with a beautiful plastic dual colour rotatable bezel. Number with Ref. 6542 as the first generation of GMT Master. Not yet equipped with the crown protecting shoulders.
This Ref. 6542 is the first generation GMT Master, was the First design equipped with Cyclops (Magnifying glass on the date) In 1965, GMT Master the dual colour bezel used metal instead of plastic.

Pan Am assigned the Rolex GMT Master as Pan Am official timer and offered each of the officers of the higher rank, pilots and captains A GMT Master! Since 1960, GMT Master Change to Ref. 1675, equipped with Protective Shoulder Crown, GMT hand was made larger, and most of the feature were quite similar as today. GMT Master, Ref. 1675 was printed “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified”. The Ref. 6542 was printed “Chronometer Officially certified”.
The major change on newer model Ref. 1675 was installed Micro Stella Free Sprung balance with higher accuracy on timing. That is why they put “Superlative…” Ref. 1675 was well appreciated by pilots of not just Pan Am, but other major air lines, and has been the best selling sport Utility Watch for in 1960-1980.

Not just in Aviation, but the Military offered them the best evaluation rating on GMT Master.
Many pilot kept this as the standard equipment on hand, since 1940-50 NANA launched a series of speed and height flying test, In 1967, the Northern American X15 made the 4,534 mph (7,269 kph) or Mark 6.72 world speed record! Pilot Peter Knight worn a GMT Master, he was very satisfied with his watch that could stand 3.5G force and maintaining that kind of time keeping. Edward Air Force Base where Pete was from has been generating a lot of flying heroes. In 1947, Drove a Bell X-1 to crack the sound barrier, Chuck Yeager was wearing his watch , and passed all kinds of test during the WWII War, his watch was Oyster. Pete still holds the world record for the Speed as of today!

So I think GMT Master II , the watch that bring us Energetic thought for the future, man’s charisma on welcoming challenges, man who can take speed, and could be winner against all kind of barrier...
I like GMT Master II as the best Sport Watch for daily uses!!


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