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Rolex Day Date isn't for "Old Cakes"

Swiss Watch Giant Rolex makes almost 1,000,000 watches a year, being one of the most prestigious brands in the World, the remarkable shift that has allowed Rolex to be the watchmaker of choice for everyone from Rich men’s kid, men start to earn his first monthly salary, Sales man, engineers, Doctor, scientist, bankers, religion leader, watch collectors, communist revolutionaries, you and me.

Rolex offers broad range of different prices to meet most of the people who can afford;  an elementary level Oyster Perpetual, or a Date Just, sport model as mid range that  can capturing most if the younger generation to get crazy for to certain high end luxury model made of precious metals even paved with diamonds. As Rolex Watch of US$4,000 to US$0.5M. It is still a Rolex, not as price-unfriendly as a Lamborghini at least.

The top of the line is Day Date, who was named a President’s Watches as most of the US Presidents got one or a few. I haven’t seen Donald Trump wears a Rolex in public, but I am sure he has Day Date in his drawer.

Day Date is being acknowledged as best of the Rolex in terms of function, and image as that is why these certain people, JFC, Li Pope John Paul II to communist tyrants Mao Zedong* has it.

Legend has it that the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, owns a collection of 15 Rolexes.  Dalai’s holyness’ first timepiece was a gift from former U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1942 as a symbol of secure relations between the U.S. and Tibet appeared to be gold Rolex. You’ll see that his holiness wears them reversed, with the face turned inwards on his wrist so as to not appear ostentatious.


There is always a saying which I have been always called not quite right as people in HK called a Day Date an “old cake’s watch” Old Cake” in HK ‘s colloquial means those people who is over 55 or above. I can really say that might be true also as who can easily afford to buy a US$30,000 Day Date? Might be someone who can afford wear a Day Date is those who reach certain age that at same time certain salary level. But Nowadays, we see a lot of younger people in age of 30-40 wearing Day Date.

A Day Date is really a very pleasant watch to use, it is perpetually beautifully, comfortable, can be worn without much care, they are one of the beloved items for Rolex Watch Lovers,  connoisseur, well, they are not necessary rich, as I know a lot of Rich man who can afford to buy but they will not wear a Day Date. I know a man who earns USD$3M a year, he wear a US$300 Tissot, he enjoys, why not then…

A Day Date Entry level is low as if you are looking into ordinary dial such as the Champagne gold,

Say a Ref 1803 is Champagne gold dial is about US$5,000, but a White Gold with Bloodstone dial may go up to US$35,000 or more.

A Vintage Day Date with an original Warranty paper may top up 20% more on the price,

Go to buy a Day Date with Lapis Azuli Dial in BNIB, still available in very small quantity in Hong Kong, may be two pieces in all 78 Rolex AD shops in HK.

When you travel, if you are lucky to see a NOS Day Date in Coral or Bloodstone Dial, anything under US$30,000, buy it…

I am sure you will earn money by selling it.


DD- Day Date

NOS- new old stock

BNIB- brand new in box

AD- Authorized Dealer

Remarks * Chairman Mao’ s usual watch in fact is an  Omega Sea Master which was given as gift by Kowk Mui Yek.

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