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Go Daytona or Submariner?

A friend posted a question to me asking which model is better for him to buy: The Rolex Submariner or the Rolex Daytona?

The fact both watches have definite advantages and are suitable for different purposes. Submariner is appeared as a bit more casual than the Daytona, both blends well with a variety of dress styles in a new waves of Definition on “Dress Watch”. Dress watch is used to describe those simple, thin, date or even no date, manual winding automatic gold watch…in the traditional definition as dress watch is usually worn under the sleeve, too thick the watch will make you look bulky on your wrist.

The Rolex Daytona is named for the city where the first NASCAR race was held.

Originally designed for racecar drivers, Rolex Daytona lives up to that racing reputation with its chronograph functions. Daytona shot to fame when Paul Newman sported his own model. Preceded by the Reference 6238, the Daytona evolved from a simple timekeeping watch to a "chronograph" watch that marked all types of information useful to those timing races. I believe the watch is being worn by the Race assistant to time the race instead of the driver who focuses on the road as 100 millisecond to press the Daytona Start button is a distraction and make him lose the lap! Capturing time when speed is your objective can be difficult!

The Daytona is the best example of the Rolex chronography. It is reliable, waterproof, and self-winding, among its many features. The Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona is the perfect accessory for those seeking high performance, fine engineering and craftsmanship, and, of course, a passion for driving and speed, Daytona is the ONLY one Chronograph produced by Rolex.

The Daytona, or cosmograph, was originally launched in 1963. Those early Daytona is nowadays pieces of Gem if they are in tip top condition and if you could keep the warranty certificate, box and Invoice…

If you drive a Ferrari, you may need a Daytona too….


No Questions, the next iconic name of watch:- The Submariner - A Diver's Watch

In 1954, Rolex offers the Submariner, first created in the pioneering era of scuba diving, designed specifically for diver and those who want to explore depth of the Ocean or to peep through window of the sunken Titanic!

A Diver’s watch, need to have clear details that keep divers safe, probably a simple way was to use a unidirectional turning bezel and easy-to-read numbers, Rolex introduced the Submariner for such a purpose. However, Submariner as an iconic name was made its popularity when it was worn by both Sean Connery and Roger Moore as James Bond as well as the legendary Steve McQueen in movies.

Accompanying the Oyster case which was created mimicking an oyster for water proofing with screw Locks and seal, the Oyster stainless steel bracelet is both strong and comfortable. Its Oysterlock clasp prevents accidental opening. The Oyster bracelet also allows fine adjustments without the use of tools by divers.

When choosing a watch to accompany you on an adventure, on road and seas….Daytona and Submariner is having certain attraction.

Both current production models are waterproof to 300 Metres, in house automatic movement, come with Oyster Bracelet,  40mm in size.

Power reserve of Daytona is 72 hours versus Submariner 40 hours. But Daytona does not have a Date, that is the main difference between these two watches. Daytona has a Chronograph function whereas Submariner is just a mechanical memory by means of the bezel on diving time…

Which one will gain more prices over the years? Seems that there is no difference … look at IG ‘ lok666” *1 for his collection.

Daytona Ref 6263 Paul Newman, the inner dial has marking, we call “Panda “ is now about HK$2M

    How about Submariner? Well, Omen Ref 1665 is HK$3M.

Submariner Ref 6538 no crown guard, double name “Tiffany & Co.” is HK$3.5M.

These are super expensive rare and there is a lot of history, knowledge that you should know before any purchase as the dial itself carries 90% more on the price of the watch…

For these kinds of watch, it is very expensive and there is market to sell… So if you are not keen on knowing their history or able to trace the originality through Rolex, there is always a chance to buy a “Wrong” watch. You have to go to certain Shops to make the purchase or buying from a reliable dealer.

Price listed here is just estimated price, as certain special watches go for such scarcity and vintage there is no standard price book for it!

Back to the question in the beginning of the article… buy whatever you like Submariner or Daytona…?

It will please you more after 5 years, 10 years or as I always said , it could be part of your retire fund by time you sell your watch purchased 30 years ago, provided that is something people will look for or people want to get 30 years later…. 

What are they?… next article then….

*1 Yu Man Lok is one of the HK Action Movie stars.
He is a big Fan of Rolex .

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