Friday, January 20, 2017

Rolex 116613LB Submariner Two Tone and 116619LB

This is Submariner Ref 116613LB Two Tone in 18KT gold and Stainless Steel.
Note that the way Rolex made the Blue is "Solid Even" and blue as the more expensive Full white gold Rolex Submariner Ref 116619LB.

This is HK Rolex "888" with Full Set V series.
Cash Deal HK$76,500
Please note that this kind of "Blue" was made in less than two year 2009-2010.


This is the 18KT White Gold Submariner Ref 116619LB HK MSRP HK$263,600
This is full set Pre-owned one asking HK$170,000

This is the Poster of the current mass production Submariner Two Tone Ref 116613LB
You can see the  sunburst blue dial.

HK Snob

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