Monday, December 26, 2016

The Rolex Apocalypse

Just Received the latest Roles Magazine Issue #06
It is all about the most iconic Rolex watch: Submariner.

The 150 pages literature covers history, metal used, blow up illustration of the watch water proof mechanism and many other topics such as all biological sequence launch of Submariner in 1959 till the latest Submariner Ref 116610LN today.

I note that Rolex put a lot of effort on the Ref 114060 Submariner, there are 10 big pages on this watch including the front page.

It echoes with the recent trend for more people 's focus on these watch, 5513, 14060/M, and I could see more collector is now starting to collect 14060 T25 watch...

Price is going up fast, I bought one 14060 at HK$33,000, and the next is HK$36,000 in just two months time.

I think a full set 14060 will be more than HK$42,000 

Minimalism is the trend. no Cyclops, no date.

Should we keep an eye on Submariner No date?

HK Snob

This Rolex Magazine can be obtained free at any Rolex AD shop.

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