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Investment in a Rolex

Rolex Submariner Ref.5513 $14,200, iconic Submariner in Full Set

Someone might say:  I’m going to invest in a new LED TV, new Phone, Note book computer, a new home at Mid-level, BMW M5!

I am going to invest on my new Rolex Submariner and GMT Master! What will be the best investment?

How Much your Expensive gold Apple Watch value now? Clearly, it is like your new BMW X6 car that will be outdated and lose value as time passes.

Lamborghini Countach LP400 SII US$590,000, Does it look outdated?

1965 Marantz 8B power Amplifier 25W/25W US$5,200 sounds perfectly right

1989 Nakamichi Model 1000ZXL Limited cassette Player US$6,100, awesome after 30 years

1973 Western Electric WE300B Vacuum Tunes in pair, US$5,000, best Audiophile power tubes

How about some vintage item, the Ferrari 308, 1972 : Lamborghini Countach 1983 LP400 SII,  Marantz  Model 7, 8B or 9 amplifier,  1970 KEF BBC monitor loudspeaker S3/5A with 11 Ohm impedance, or a Nakamichi 1000ZXL limited Cassette Player, JBL Paragon loudspeaker, 1960 Western Electric WE300B vacuum tubes?

Yes the Lamborghini LP400 S II can be sold at a price of US$600K, a big value, but don't forget you may have spent more than US$300K to keep it at tip top condition?

The BBC monitor loudspeaker is Likely Life time maintenance free, it sound more mellow year after years But what about mechanical watches?

As for the WE300B tubes, it value is good at NOS (New old stock with paper) if used, the buyer will press you on the price.

As for a Marantz 8B amplifier, if you have changed a single Capacitor, unless you can find the original Sprague Capacitor, or people will question your originality, it is about US$4,000 for an excellent condition. And probably it is better than any commercial available power ampler in the range of US$5000 to US$12,000. So as its value.

How about a Nakamichi 100XZL limited, well, it had its highest audio and mechanical technology in the 80s and there is no more Cassette player made anymore with such a good sound as it is. But if the mechanical assembly is failed, the value will become zero unless you know someone who can fix it.

So I treat this an hi end audio toy, but not a real investment.

In 2000, a Plasma 40 Inch TV was selling US$11,000, it was replaced with full RGB LED Back Lit TV in 2007 with a price tag of US$6,000.  If that TV lasts today, probably you can get US$0 for the Plasma TV as its power consumption is high up to 300W. The new LED TV of 40” is US$2,000 only. So this Hi tech Electronics is not an investment.

Mechanical Watch is like painting, or other hard assets like diamonds, gold vintage limited fountain pen, and real estate, people sometimes do refer to certain watches as “investments”

Sometimes it does not really reflect the true value of such a pricy watch as an investment, part of the reason, is the fickle and emotional nature of the watch market. A single collector alone has the power to influence the tastes, trends, and values of the entire market.

The ultra-high-rolling watch world may also be in the midst of a bit of a bubble, the huge watch auctions that are reminiscent of the art world. Some of the big collector bid his own watch 2X and wait for next buyer to bid it for another 3X, doubt But in the more down-to-earth watch market (US$6,000-US$20,000), the growth feels more promising.

So what watches best hold their value?

Certain relatively attainable ($6,000-$20,000) watches are known to hold their value extremely well—even appreciating in some cases. Interestingly, they’re almost all made by Rolex.  I hate to say it, but in this price range, vintage Rolex—are the best game in town if you’re looking for an investment-grade piece that doesn’t have to sit in the safe.

Rolex’s dominance on the second-hand market is the reason why ? As Rolex can retain most of his value

Special Rolex may get certain respect in after a few years.

One option is going vintage. So when does a watch become vintage and not merely “pre-owned”? After 20 or 30 years it starts to appreciate gradually in value—that’s what’s happened to almost all Rolex watches. So we’re starting to see the 16800 become collectible. That’s the last Submariner made before the current one now.

As for why vintage models are most likely to keep going up in value, well, the limited supply is key. They’re not making any more old watches, they’ve only made so many 5512s, one of the first Submariners with a crown guard, and there’s a finite amount of those left and every year more and more die off, lost, damaged…

What is pre-owned and Vintage?

Anything that’s not new, yet not considered vintage yet—are far more affordable, and they can often represent good deals for someone who wants a high-quality model to wear for the long haul. Much like a BMW, a new $20,000 Rolex driven off the lot is suddenly worth about half, considering the dealer probably paid $13,000 for it. On the pre-owned market, you may be able to acquire the same watch for a heavy discount of 20% -30% or more off the original price, giving you a smaller target to hit if your goal is to break even in the future.


Sunset at Montmajour by Vincent Van Gogh. Photograph: Van Gogh Museum, price?

The real reason you should buy a luxury watch

People should buy watches they want to wear. Don’t ever get a watch that’s just going to sit somewhere like in the darkness of your Safe. A Million dollar Watch is value nothing if it is not been used. Just like a hundred Million painting of Van Gogh’s painting was listed among the van Gogh’s collection as number 180, and that number can still be seen on the back of the canvas. The work was sold in 1901 was recently found.

Detail from Sunset at Montmajour by Vincent Van Gogh. Photograph: Van Gogh Museum

Reason you should buy a Rolex is just it is widely accepted as Luxury watch and it is timeless,

No one will laugh at you if you wear a 1962 Daytona, instead they give you a  Salute!

Rolex is durable and is low cost in maintenance, it can last life time, and it is iconic sport watch:

James Bond propelled Rolex even higher when it debuted on Sean Connery’s wrist in Dr. No. That is one of the Pop culture could influence that value of your watch.


List of Rolex Collection

1. Submariner 5513, 1680, 16800, 16610,

2. Sea Dweller 1665, 16600

3. GMT Master 1650, 16700, 1675, Pepsi is hot since 2014.

4. Explorer II 16570

5. Explorer I 14270

6. Daytona 16520 year 2000 of earlier

Sea Dweller Double Red 1665 US$25,000

Rolex Submariner Ref 1680 Single Red US$15,000

Rolex GMT Master Ref 1675 US$14,000

Rolex Explorer II Ref 16570 US$4,900

Rolex Submariner 1992 Submariner Ref 14060 T-25 Dial  $4,500



Go for one with paper is preferred, as there are Frakenwatch, after market dial, reworked dial.

Unless that has been serviced at Rolex with a recent repair slip to prove its authenticity.

Price can have big variation if there is paper.

HK Snob

PS  you may ask why some of the watch is not in the list above like 6523 Panda. Well that is not in the price range of $6,000 to $120,000 today we are looking at.

The price listed above is just estimation only.

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