Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Common question about buying at gray dealer and AD

Frequently asked question about buying AD or gray dealer watch

Q. What is AD?

A. That is Authorized Dealer, that is the official Rolex distributor.  They are Oriental, Dickson, Emperor, Chow Tai Fook, Chow Seng Seng, Leung Tim Kee, Precision Watch etc.

Q. Is gray dealer Rolex always cheaper than AD one?

A. Not necessary, sometimes we can see that AD offer 5% discount for certain hot model such as

GMT Master II Blue Black Ref 116710BLNR, but the gray dealer price is as high as the list price, of course gray dealer price is seasonal.

Q. Why most of the People in HK wants AD Rolex?

A. I think may be there think AD is always have Warranty whereas gray dealer Rolex do not. As a matter of fact, both gray dealer Rolex and AD Rolex is 100% the same, both can have 5 years international Rolex Warranty.  Probably they like AD because the country code of HK AD Rolex watch is “888” I think Rolex understand HK Chinese like this triple Eight as good number. Previous HK Rolex Country Code was “400”.

Q. So What do we buy gray dealer Rolex?

A. 1. Sometimes it is cheaper, or much cheaper especially those Date Just model, and they have stock available for you. But for Submariner, GMT Master and Explorer series, their price similar as AD’s price.

Q.  What is the disadvantage of buying gray dealer Rolex?

A. might be most of them take cash, as their net profit margin is getting lower over these years, and if they take card, there will be reduction of the profit by a few percent, so mostly they take cash.

Q. Will there is more discount if I pay cash in Rolex AD?

A. Normally the discount is fixed 5% for Rolex AD, no matter Cash and Card, same discount.

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