Friday, October 14, 2016

Tudor Black Bay Bronze M79250BM

The Heritage Black Bay Bronze features an imposing bronze case, 43 mm in diameter.
An aesthetic reference to the use of bronze in historic ships and diving equipment, the choice of this metal — a high-performance aluminium bronze alloy with brushed finishes
It carries a highly functional appearance to the watch and guarantees the development of a subtle and unique patina.

Whatsapp me if you are interested in this collector item.

HK Snob


Winfield Lai said...

What is the list price in HK?
What is the street price?
What can I order or wait list?
Thank you

HK Snob said...


List price is HK$28,500, now they are selling at this price.
if you want immediately, dray Dealer price HK$34,000
Or Wait at Rolex AD, I can make a Reservation for you. Whatsapp me if you want.
HK Snob