Sunday, October 30, 2016

What do you consider when Buying your first watch!?

What to consider when buying your first watch? 

A lot of people come to us buying their first expensive watch. The first watch means a lot. It may well be the result of your endeavors. So, do your homework before you go for your first watch. Here are some factors you should consider.
1.      The brand
Your first watch needs not be fancy. Why? Because it will serve as your upgrade weapon in the future. You would like your watch to retain its value after a year or two when you want to exchange it for a new watch. Watches from big brands like Rolex can do that. Rolex watches retain their value very well. It is also a well-known brand. You do not want your watch to leave other guessing what brand it is after you have spent so much on it. Picking the right brand is therefore very important. Of course, you can argue that you would like to get a watch you like from a less famous brand. It is very much a personal choice. But if you are new to the watch world and have limited budget, do go for a Rolex.


2.      The price
As your first watch, you do not want it to be too cheap. Similarly, you cannot expect to get the most expensive one as you are on a budget. Take Rolex as an example, some people would go for a Daytona as their first watch. It is the most famous steel model. Surely there is no problem in such a choice. However, some of us might not have that kind of budget and getting to the top without looking at the scenery along the way is no fun. So, choosing those Rolex models at around 45k to 68k would be more reasonable.



3.      The model

Sports watches are in vogue right now. The question is, do they really suit you? Whether a watch suits you really depends on how you dress. If you wear a suit every day, a sports model may not be the best for you. You may then want to look for some dressy models. The point is, you do not want to buy your first watch and put it in the box for longer time than it being on your wrist, right?

 HK Snob


JTK said...

Hi Snob,

In my humble opinion (IMHO), a person's first watch should be a quartz piece, from a well known but not necessarily luxury brand (I recommend Seiko). It should not be an overly expensive watch (quartz should not be expensive anyway), and whether it's a dress watch or sports watch does not matter, as long as you like it.

Watch collecting is a hobby that evolves with time, and one's tastes do change with experience of ownership. Your first watch is not likely going to be your favourite watch, so an inexpensive, accurate, easy to maintain watch is the best way to start off your journey. I doubt that an expensive, not that accurate, fragile, high cost of maintenance mechanical luxury piece which you may get tired of in a few years' time (regardless whether it says "Rolex" or "Lange" on its dial) is the best way to start.

BTW, I'm thinking of unloading my first mechanical watch, a 1958 redialed Omega Seamaster I bought for $400 USD. It has been sitting in my drawer for the last 4 years since I bought my Constellation and Seamaster 300 later. Try this for a first watch, anyone?

--- JTK

HK Snob said...

You are right, First Watch can be Quartz, but Seiko Quartz isn't cheap at all, a White Gold Seiko 1976 Quartz VFJ is HK$25,000.

It depends on your "Like" and "preferred" to choose your first watch.
My first watch was a Citizen manual Winding that my father bought for me at HKD$30 back in 1969. I was the one of the only two student in class having a Watches.

Nice to have such but I don't know where did it goes? Now I just had my father's Seiko 25 jewel auto watch overhaul. It is family heritage now.

Show me your omega that you want to let go!

HK Snob

JTK said...


I'll let you in on a secret: I love quartz. My 1991 Seiko Sports 150 quartz Alarm-Chronograph cost me $90 USD only (Ebay again). If you're talking about precious metal, it'll be expensive even if the watch doesn't run, right?

My father use to wear a late 1970s Tudor Prince Oysterdate with a steel fluted bezel, which looked just like a Datejust except for the writing on the dial. Too bad he didn't pass it down to anyone in the family and it eventually got lost when he passed away, so no heirloom piece for me to wear, I have to buy my own watches.

I'll have to take out my digital camera to snap some pictures of my Seamaster before I could show you.

--- JTK

HK Snob said...

I am Waiting...
HK Snob