Monday, October 10, 2016

Citizen World Timer in Titanium

This is a purely technology show off watch of Citizen,
Solar power, satellite time auto adjust. super accurate.
World Time with simple click move the pointer to the country you are in, that is it...
Perpetual calendar,
Pure Titanium,
Super Sturdy,
and Most of all the design is smart and sleek...
We bought it from Japan
We are selling it at HK$9,600
HK Snob

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JTK said...

Hi Snob,

I'm not sure what all the commotion is about with titanium watch cases.
From what I know about titanium, the greatest advantage is its biocompatibility, which is why it is widely used in surgery and dentistry. It is not particularly hard or strong; dentists clean Ti dental implants with plastic instruments because they are easily scratched with stainless steel curettes.
It has a dull satiny texture which is not very esthetic. I even hear that a Ti caseback must be unscrewed regularly or else it may bond with the watch case and become very difficult to open.

--- JTK