Friday, October 7, 2016

Rolex Daytona Ref 116500LN White "Panda" is available at Hong Kong Authorized Dealer

There is known two pieces of such "Panda" allocated for HK Watch Fever reader.

Interested parties please connect to me via Whatsapp to +63998981111 ASAP.

It will be a fast selling item.

Price HKD$131,500, you can use card Amex, VISA, MC.

HK Snob

Watch sold


Anonymous said...

dear hk snob
could you guesstimate for me how much will a
bnew daytona steel ceramic black dial will be
on march 2017 lowest guess price
thank you

HK Snob said...

Black Ref 116500LN
Today, HK$128,000
March 2017 I speculate $115,000
HK Snob

Anonymous said...

dr snob
thank you for your reply very helpful
now its may already how much is black ref 116500ln
i how u predicted right thank you again