Monday, July 11, 2016

What make the crown stand out?

When we talk about watches, we always talk about Rolex. When we talk about Rolex, we always talk about…errr… the Submariner? the Daytona? Or… the Day-Date?
Have you wondered why Rolex has been so successful all over the world? HK Snob weighs in.
1.      Price
In Hong Kong, Rolex stainless steel watches are around 30k-90k. It means a stainless steel Rolex is never over 100k HKD (now it may be different with the new Daytona). That has been the case for many years.
A Rolex is a symbol of status in Hong Kong and many of us do not mind buying a symbol of status under 100k HKD. It is a mental trick. Rolex understands how big the amount of money we are willing to spend on their watches.

2.      Iconic design
Be it a Submariner, a Daytona or a Datejust, we can always recognize a Rolex easily. When worn on the wrist, you are wearing something that you know others will envy. There are so many iconic designs in the Rolex collection. Each of them has its own features and character.
This successfully makes people want to buy more and more after they own their first Rolex. Of course, movie stars wearing Rolex watches contribute a lot to its success, too.
3.      Practicality
Every Rolex is tough. Every Rolex movement is an unbeatable workhorse. Yes. This is the image of Rolex – its being super practical.
Although you may not dive with your Submariner or check the other city’s time with your GMT Master, these watches are made with practical function and outstanding durability.
You seldom hear that a Rolex is not accurate or it breaks down easily. Each Rolex watch has its own practical function. It has nothing excessive. The image of each Rolex model is so clear that laymen understand easily.
HK Snob


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