Wednesday, July 27, 2016

God, Please give me one more minute...

God, Please give me one more minute to say again “I love you!” to my brother.


"I don't wish you all sort of gifts.

I just wish you what most people don't have:

I wish you the time to be happy and to laugh

and if you use it, you can make something out of it.

I wish you the time for your doings and thinking,

not only for yourself, but also to give away to others.

I wish you the time - not to hustle and run

but the time to be contented.

I wish you the time, not to pass just like that

I wish that some of it may be left for you

as a time to marvel and trust

instead of just looking at the time on your watch.

I wish you the time to reach for the stars

and the time to grow, to mature

I wish you the time to hope and to love

There is no sense in putting this time off.

I wish you the time to find yourself to see happiness in each day and each hour.

I wish you the time also to forgive. I wish you the time to live.                     Elli Michler

I wish you had time even one more minute such that I can say one more time “Peter, I love you forever!”


Remembrance to my beloved younger brother Peter who passed away last night.
1835 27 Jul 2016. 


HK Snob




Anonymous said...

Condolences to you and to your family Mr. HK


HK Snob said...

Dear Marky

Many thanks... it is hard to accept such thing till today...
Well, Life as I say is fragile... Do treasure everyday we have, and take good care of family members ALWAYS at highest priority!

Thanks again!!!


michael jonathan said...

Dear HK snob,

My condolences to you and your family. May God rest his soul.


HK Snob said...

Hi Michael Jonathan,
With the whole family's one voice: "Thanks for that, we will remember him!'

HK Snob

Blogger said...

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