Saturday, July 2, 2016

The color game of Rolex – tricks or real aesthetics?

Rolex, as we all know, is very good at playing with colors. The 116610lv “Hulk”, the 116710blnr “Batman” and the 116660 Deep Sea D-Blue are among the best-selling Rolex watches with “special” colors.

The Deep Sea D-Blue has the most appealing aesthetics as it has a gradient blue-black dial with sharp green “DEEPSEA” letters. At 44mm, it is a way more attractive watch than the Deep Sea black. However, the price of it is also much higher than the Deep Sea black after discounts. You may end up paying 20k more than the Deep Sea black. But, it is always worth it if you want to wear something special.


In the world of Rolex, colors seem to represent a kind of prestige. For example, the Platona (Platinum Daytona) has ice blue dial while the Yellow gold Submariner has blue dial and bezel.


Other choices? The Milgauss Z-blue and the Yacht Master blue dial are not bad if you are into the color blue. Colors come with a price in the world of Rolex. Different colors are also a sign of prestige, meaning that you are not the ordinary man with a ordinary watch.

HK Snob

We can supply Ref.116610LV Submariner Hulk at HK$66,500 BNIB
Ref.116660 DeepSea D-blue at HK$92,500 BNIB, Batman GMT Master II HK$65,000


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