Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dive watch comparison: Rolex VS Hublot VS Audemars Piguet

A diver may be the most frequently seen watch in Hong Kong. When paired with formal attire or casual wear, it serves its purpose well – not to dive – but to tell the time without yielding to conditions such as shock, water spills and extreme weather. A diver is reliable as it is water-resistant to certain meters. It is a very good everyday watch. Here, we have three contenders from three brands today. Let’s see which one wins your heart, and how deep you can dive.

1.      The representative of Rolex – the Deep Sea 116660

The Rolex Deep Sea 116660 is the crown’s deepest diver ever made. It is water-resistant to 3900m. But is it really its limit? No. You will not test it, though. The fact is that it must be capable to withstand the water pressure at over 3900m’s depth in order to have the official number of 3900m water-resistance. At 44mm wide and 18mm thick, it is a beast on the wrist. Two dial options are available which are the black and D-blue dials. Price wise, the black dial is around 20k cheaper with discounts. If a Sea-Dweller or Submariner cannot give you the solid feeling a diver should have, go for the Deep Sea and you will not regret.
2.      Hublot Oceangraphic 4000m

Being water-resistant 100m more than the Rolex Deep Sea, this Hublot is a monster watch on the wrist. The dial is very legible with an inner rotating bezel which can be turned by the crown at 4 o’ clock. It is 48mm wide and thicker than the Deep Sea. The main difference is the weight. As the case is made of titanium, it does not wear as hefty as the Deep Sea. It is a good choice for you if you are into something special.
3.      Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver


A diver with a display case back? Here you have the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore which is now offered with a see-through case back. The watch is “only” water-resistant to 300m. However, the polishing and the shape of the case as well as the finishing of the movement are top-notch. It is really a joy to see the well-decorated solid gold rotor on your diver, isn’t it? The watch has an inner rotating bezel which can be turned by the crown at 10 o’ clock. It is worn on a thick and well-crafted rubber strap.


Let us know which of the above your diver of choice is. To us, the Rolex Deep Sea is currently the winner as the price, the function and the value it can retain are the best among the three.
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