Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rolex Day-Date 40 VS Rolex Daytona – HK Snob weighs in


With the new Rolex 116500ln Daytona Ceramic out, the attention of us is back to the Daytona. However, let’s not forget the brand’s most iconic model, the Day-Date. A new olive dial version has been released with rose gold case and bracelet. It is also available in white gold.

Some of you may have the same struggle – to go for the Day-Date or the Daytona? While the prices of the two watches may differ a lot, the Snob would like to make clear his stance on whether you should go for the Daytona or the Day-Date.


1 Price

The Rolex Day-Date 40 is way more expensive than the Daytona as there is no stainless steel version for the DD40. With that said, you will have to pay around 190k -210k (gray dealer) for a DD40. With the Daytona, if you opt for the yellow gold, white gold or the rose gold version, you will have to pay around 180k-210k (gray deader). However, the Daytona can be had in stainless steel which is around 130k right now for the 116500ln. (HK AD official list price HK$95,000)

2. Practicality

The Rolex Day-Date is a way more practical watch than the Daytona. We bet you have to know which day and date it is more than to know the duration of your drive, given that most of us are not professional race car drivers? The Rolex DD40 has the date and day display which makes everyday life way more convenient than wearing the Daytona. Moreover, let’s not forget the DD40’s 72 hours of power reserve That means you do not have to wind your watch as much as the Daytona.

3. Rarity
How often do you see people wearing the Daytona on the street? Very, right? But you do not see a lot of DD40. So, why wear the same watch that others are wearing? Stand out by wearing the DD40 is a good choice to show your elegance and special taste.

4. The bracelet.

The Daytona has a Oyster bracelet which features the Easylink extension system. Most of Rolex’s sports watches have Oyster bracelet with them. Again, it might be too common. The DD40 has a President bracelet which reflects light way better than an Oyster band. The polished center links shine like nothing else. It is more comfortable as the links are smaller, they can adjust to the shape of your wrist better.
HK Snob

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