Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why should you go vintage (sometimes)?

Watches that are over 30 years old are what we call vintage watches. Vintage watches have been hot for the past few years in Hong Kong.
Prices had been rocketing for a while before they stabilized a bit. The best-selling vintage watches come from Rolex. The Submariner Red, the Double-Red Sea-dweller, the Paul Newman Daytona…you name it.
At HKWF, we do not only focus on the watches that fetch astronomical prices at auctions. We would like to provide you with a broader perspective on the world of horology.

The world of vintage watches is enormous and we know it. Other than owning new watches released by different brands, buying good-looking vintage watches can enrich your collection.
Here are some real reasons why you should start your vintage watch collection.

1.      As investment

From a more monetary point of view, buying vintage watches can be a good kind of investment. Nobody did expect that a Rolex 1665 Sea-Dweller could have reached today’s price. These watches will only get rarer and rarer as time passes and in the long term, these watches will increase in their value, or at least retain it. Therefore, buying vintage watches, not only those from big brands like Rolex, can be a good choice of investment.
2. Famous design at an affordable price
Let’s be not so realistic now. Despite the fact that you may gain a certain amount of money from investing in vintage watches, you can get your hands on some very famous designs at a relatively affordable price.
For example, a vintage Ref.1803 Rolex Day-date is way cheaper than a brand new one in the current lineup. So, why not go vintage sometimes if you find the prices of new watches hard to believe?

A beautiful Rolex Day Date Ref.1803 with white dial. Typical Price HKD$39,000 to 54,000


3. Designs that would always remain in the past, not the present or the future

Each vintage watch has its own character and design chic. These features are unlikely to reappear in modern watches.
Of course, you will argue that there are always these re-edition watches you can buy from manufactures like Longines and Tudor.
Look at the Black Bay and the Longines Heritage Collection, you will understand that the feeling of history cannot be bought in new watches. Moreover, the re-editions often do not truly adhere to their ancestors. The addition of the date window and the enlargement of the case often ruin these great designs.

4. A matter of taste
Collecting vintage watches is often a reflection of a person’s taste. Imagine wearing the Rolex Submariner 16610 and wearing a Rolex 1680, what is the difference?
The difference lies in the fact that the 1680 is rarer and less seen on the street. You do not want your watch worn everywhere, right? Wearing a nicely preserved vintage watch can be an exhibition of your taste.
At HKWF, we have a wide range of second-hand watches for you to choose from.
Some watches are more vintage while some are not.
However, all are guaranteed in very good conditions. We will share with you our selection of good vintage watches and good deals. Some deals are from us while some are from others. Please do keep tuning in for the latest information.
Jason L
HK Watch Fever Group


Submariner Ref.1680 is available in market at US$7,000 to 19,000 (red line is collectible and more expensive)

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