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Affordable versions of the Paul Newman Daytona?

Affordable versions of the Paul Newman Daytona?

Omega may be your answer. 

At HKWF, we at times recommend affordable versions of watches that carry super high prices.
In this first episode, we would like to talk about the Paul Newman Daytona 6263.

A Rolex Daytona 6263 “Paul Newman” can easily cost you over 300k to 900k HKD. It is one of the most desirable watches at auctions. The panda dial on the 6263 is one of the signatures of the so called “Paul Newman” dial with three black sub-dials on a while dial.

If you are looking for a watch with similar aesthetics, the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch First Omega in Space may be your answer.
The name of the watch is quite long. At 39.7mm, the rose gold version is a numbered edition, meaning that it is not in limited production. The case is made of what Omega calls Sedna Gold. The panda dial looks terrific and its design is said to be inspired by a watch worn by astronaut Wally Shirra in 1962 during the NASA Sigma 7 mission.
The black ceramic tachymeter bezel complements very well with the panda dial in which an outer black ring surrounds the white dial on which three black sub-dials sit.
It does remind you of the Rolex 6263 doesn’t it? The movement inside is the manual-wound 1861 movement. The watch has a domed sapphire crystal. The rose gold version retails at around 130k HKD and HKWF offers you a good discount on this watch.
If paying over 100k for an Omega bothers you, let’s take a look at the stainless steel version, the Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Limited Edition watch.

This is the stainless steel version which basically retains all of the characteristics of the rose gold version. This watch will be produced in 2998 pieces. The bezel, the sub-dials and the chapter ring are all blue in color. The central chronograph second hand is now a lollipop hand. The bezel is in polished blue ceramic and the blue crocodile strap completes the looks.
The 2016 new release will retail at around 40k HKD. A bargain isn’t it? Given how nice looking the whole package is. 
Sometimes we can have our own fun without paying a premium for mega watches. These two Omegas will give at least half the fun as the Paul Newman Daytona but at much lower prices.
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