Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Watch Dealer’s HK$2M stolen in Air from Middle East to HK

A Turkish watch merchant who flew into Hong Kong 2 May from the Middle East could be the victim of the biggest inflight theft after HK$2 million worth of foreign currency and valuables was stolen from his Y- class cabin baggage stowed in an overhead compartment. 

Mustasa Saci, 39, arrived on an Emirates flight from Dubai early yesterday morning and it was only after he disembarked that he realized the money and valuables in his bag were missing, He sought help from airline staff who called police shortly after 6am.  

“Initial investigation showed US$200,000 and two luxury watches – a Rolex and a Patek Philippe – were stolen from his bag and the total value was about HK$2 million,” a source with knowledge of the investigation said. It was understood Saci was seated in economy class and was on a business trip.

In the first 10 months of last year, there were 67 reports of thefts on flights into Hong Kong, with HK$4.83 million stolen. That compared with 48 cases and HK$2.61 million in losses for the whole of 2014.

“They scouted their prey before boarding and placed their own bags in the same overhead bins their targets used,” he said. “They searched through travel bags and luggage in the lockers when the owners were asleep or in the toilet.”

Moral of this news is, and my opinion.

1. Whenever you fly long haut flight, don't leave the brief case out of your eye sight.

2. Don’t sleep, as most of the time, they steal it when you are asleep.

3. Ask someone you know to keep an eye when you go rest room

4. Use good security case like Caseva Security brief case are designed to the highest standards and feature accredited locking systems.

5. Tumi’s Bulletproof Briefcase is an expensive executive accessory (US$6,000)

6. Chinavision Fingerprint Security Briefcase keeps your money safe through biometrics

7. Send money to other side of the destination first, don't carry too much cash.

8. If more than 1M dollar, hire me as your personal security guard.

9. Sit at Business class seems to me more secure.

10. Don't talk to sexy ladies as they may be some kind of well-trained Bond Girl.

It was understood that such thieves usually took aisle seats towards the rear of the aircraft.

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