Sunday, May 8, 2016

What Topic should we focus more!?

Frankly speaking, we need feedback from you on hat topics we should write more..

Please let us know such that we can change

HK Snob


JTK said...

Hi HK Snob,

I don't know what "could" or "should" be changed. People tend to write about what they're most interested in, and your specialty is Rolex, which you are very knowledgeable in. There's nothing wrong with that, so keep those posts coming!
--- JTK

HK Snob said...

hi JTK
I have entered a bottle neck, my highest pageview was 2013 which reaches 60,000 a month, now only 30.000 a month,
So there are people saying that I should cover more topics... that is what I am trying to do... But who knows. I am a freelance writer only, That is why I am trying to explore more I can do.

I treasure your comment and I will share with my friends on this.

HK Snob

P h Tang said...

Grand seiko? Maybe

Lawrence said...

Look back at your posts in 2013 and you'll know why it was more popular back then. But generally I'm here because of your passion for Rolex.

HK Snob said...

I get your point, I think it is wise to stick to something I am good at.
HK Snob