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10 best all-day watches under HKD$150k recommended by Hong Kong Watch Fever

He and here and there are a lot of friends asking what is the best ten watches we may buy under HKD$150,000 (USD$20K approximately).

All day watches mean that it can be used everyday in office, parties, water proof, and is value for money.

In fact there are a lot of choices under the category, but this is as I say more likely to be personal-preferred-or-biased as you can say, but We have to explain on why so…

1.      The Rolex Daytona
It goes without saying that the Daytona is one of the most celebrated watches in the world. Nearly everybody wants one. You can wear it with suit and tie or with casual looks. It can accompany you on dressier occasion or sportier occasion where you might use the otherwise seldom activated chronograph function.

The Daytona will give you high publicity, no matter you enjoy it or not. Its oyster case ensures that it will not be spoiled when you go swimming with it. With the highest popularity among other watches here, we claim it the best all-day watch for you. 

The 2016 Daytona can be had at around HKD100,000 officially, however due to the hot demand, the initial price will be marked at HKD140,000 at one of AD in Tsim Sha Tsui.

2.      Audemars Piguet Royal oak (chronograph)

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offers you an elegant yet sporty watch to wear all day long. It is the second best to the Daytona because it is not as tough as the Daytona. The caliber in the Royal Oak might not withstand as much beating as the Daytona. However, it is still a wise choice as it offers you an elegantly cut case, polished and brushed, and a very beautifully done bracelet. As I always mention , the Royal Oak Hexagonal design watch case is likely one of the best watch designs for the next 150 years since 1972.

If you happen to like the chronograph version better, I suggest you go with the discontinued 39mm version which looks much nicer and offers more color combination. It is also cheaper than the 41mm version. 

As one of the classics in the world of horology, the Royal Oak gives you an understated yet hard-to-be-ignored glamour. 

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 41mm can be had at around HKD110,000 and the 41mm chronograph version can be had at around HKD146,000 while the 39mm chronograph version can be had at 120k -130k HKD.

3.      Jaeger-Lecoultre Reverso 

Can you wear a watch on strap for all day? Yes. You can. Because the JLC Reverso is designed for polo players. If polo players can wear them, why can’t you?

The Reverso features a reversible case. One side of it displays the hour, the minute and the seconds while the other side could display other functions or just blank.  

When you do sports, you can reverse the case so that the blank side can take the beating. The blank side could well be a nice accessory for some as engraving can be done on that side. Pair your Reverso with a nice strap, be it a Horween Shell Cordovan or an alligator strap, you will find it a glamorous little watch that can rise to any challenges. 

You might get a reverso in Rose Gold under HKD 150K

4. Jaeger-Lecoultre Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar.

This is the Perpetual Calendar watch you have to get under HKD 150K. 

Where can you find a reputed Swiss Perpetual Calendar at this price? I mean, it is the rose gold version!

In steel, it costs even less, which is why this watch is awesome. With a slightly grained white dial, the watch displays the day, the date, the hour, the minute, the second and the year. It has a moon phase display at 12’o clock. The shape of the ultra thin case is magnificent.  

At 39mm wide, this watch will give you just about all information you need while admiring how beautiful it is. It is a very good all-day watch for any attire.

5.      The Rolex Day-Date 36mm

You may know that I will not ignore the Day Date as one of my choice, as I use it for swimming, hiking, presentation to my client, travelling. You can absolutely get a Rolex Day-Date on strap for less than 150k. On bracelet it may cost a little more. However, the Rolex DD is one of the most classic watches in the world of horology.  

Day Date can have a wide range of price for Day Date

A 1803 Yellow gold Day Date with leather strap is about HKD36,000

Say 1803 Yellow gold Range between HKD50,000 t0 100,000

18039 White gold range between HKD$90,000 to 120,000

A special Dial Day Date will be very pricy such as a Onyx will be HKD$180,000

A Platinum Day Date Black dial can be HKD200,000

A Platinum Day Date with Blood stone dial can be HKD 260,000!

If you choose to pick up one of the 36mm DD on strap, you may as well choose the one with a green dial paired with a green alligator strap. No matter how big your wrist is, the DD is always as sharp as a meteorite.

How about a DD on President Bracelet? It is wonderful. The bracelet will make you unwilling to take off your watch. That is why you can wear it all day. It is there on your wrist but you can barely feel it.

6.      A Lange 1815
You can get an A Lange 1815 at around HKD 150K. But you might not want to wear it all day as it is like a belle you will not risk damaging.

The watch has a manual-wound caliber on which the 3/4 plate is made of German silver. Several rubies are screwed in with gold chatons and the hand-decorated swan neck adjustment are just imposing to view.

It is a simple and classic choice from a German manufacture. You can look at it all day long. When you get tired of the dial, look at the movement and you will start winding it again.

7.      Audemars PIguet Millenary 

The Audemars Piguet Millenary can be had at around HKD150k. It offers really a lot.

First, it has a skeleton case through which you can see how the movement works. And that is something else. The gold bridge together with the balance wheel gives you a feast of sight. Let’s not forget the engraved 22k gold rotor.

It does look like a dress watch. However, with all the dynamic display of the movement and the case shape, it is so one of a kind with some sporty character.

8.      Piaget Altiplano 900p

I know it might not be everyone’s choice. But if you are into thin watches, this might as well be a good choice for you to wear all day long – the Piaget Altiplano 990p.

To maximize the use of space, the "caseback" is actually the baseplate for the movement components. This means that there is one layer less on the back of the watch. Additionally, the dial here is a smaller, off-center unit that is set into the bridges, again cutting down on the thickness that results from laying a dial on top of a movement. 

From the front, you can see the dazzling gears and movement parts working in harmony. This is something to behold, isn’t it?

9.      Breguet Type xxi 3817

This 2016 new release from Breguet is another iteration of the famous Type xx family. It features a slate grey dial with oversized beige numerals. It is a vintage-inspiring chronograph with fly-back function.

At 42 mm, this pilot watch features a 22k gold rotor. Which pilot watch would feature a gold rotor except the Patek one?

Whether you are a pilot or not, this watch is one of the most eye-catching pilot watches which has coin-edge and bears the name of Breguet and it is a good all-day watch when you have your pilot dream.
Not enough?

It offers you a very good alternative for vintage style watches if you are tired of Panerai. *1

10.  Patek Philippe 5167

Whether it is the version with a rubber strap or the version with a bracelet, with 150k, you can get this entry-level Patek Philippe for the sake of owning a Patek Philippe.

There is no ranking between these ten watches on this post.

Jason L
HK Snob
HK Watch Fever Group


JTK said...

Hi Snob,

Here's my opinion of the "10 best" (no offense intended):

- The Daytonas are fine,
- Hate the Royal Oaks,
- Love the Reverso and the Master Ultra Thin PC,
- I'll put up with the Day-Dates as much as I could,
- I'll kill anyone who dares to stand between me and my Langes!!!
- (Hate the Royal Oaks, but) the Millenary is actually quite interesting in a quirky sort of way,
- The Altiplano looks like a dinner plate (43 mm I heard, WAY too big for a dress watch), which is unacceptable anyway you look at it,
- The Breguet? It's best left for Monsieur Nap Bonaparte,
- Finally, the Nautilus. It's as butt-ugly as the Royal Oaks.

--- JTK

HK Snob said...


Love your comment, Well, first time I hear people criticise the RO and Nautilus! Man!
Your are the Man!

yes, I love JLC Reverso! True The Altiplano is too large in size!

Royal Oak, well, I like that design... if that is not bigger than 39 mm!

Please give more comment

HK Snob