Sunday, June 7, 2015

Rolex Daytona White, Black, Submariner Two Tone Blue on sale

Do you think Daytona Black is more preferred for People of Hong Kong?

Generally, yes, that is true, but as far as a user, everyone says White is preferred as it can tell time easier whereas Black dial looks confusing.

Price Black is Higher as Rolex wants to control it for their marketing need.

What is the most prepfered Submariner date? Yes, many of the men above 30' like to go for Two Tone Blue dial.

As it is a bit more not that bore with stainless steel, the Blue looks adorable to me.

Nevertheless, here we have :-

Daytona Black Ref 116520  $90,500

Daytona White Ref 116520 $85,500

Submariner Two Tone Blue Ref 116613LB $78,500

All Brand new in full set with 24 Month International

Warranty, seal un-touched.

HK Dollars , Cash

Come On!

Free Delivery into Manila and Soon Singapore!

HK Snob


porshee said...

Do you post to Australia?

HK Snob said...
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HK Snob said...

Hi Han, we don't ship to Australia at this moment.
Hk Snob