Thursday, June 11, 2015

Patek Philippe Model 5960/1A, 5167A, 5960R, 5726A offered at special Price

Ref 5960/1A

Ref 5726A

Ref 5167A

There is limited stock of Patek Philippe Model 5960/1A, 5167A, 5960R, 5726A on sales less 12% to less 20% off MRSP price.

WhatsAPP me at +639989811111 if you are interested, Cash Deal only.

HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Hi Hk Watch fever. Neihao.

What is the prices of aquanaut 5167 and Nautilus 5711 in Hong Kong after Patek lowered the prices?

Do you get 12% off on both or no discount and waiting list? In Europe the 5711 has long waiting list and the ADs charge premium plus.

Are they very hard to find in HK?

Which of them do people in HK prefer? Gold CCalatrava 5196, steel 5167 or steel 5711? They are about 150000 to 200000 hk, right? The dial of 5711 is coolest I think.

Thanks in advance. Do zhe.

PP-Rolex fan in the North ;)

HK Snob said...

Dear Mike,

Well, 5711 seems to be one of the best PP watch I lile, very hard to find and I have at least 5 people looking for that including you.

Price depending on season, sometime when We have stock, but price is quite high and sometimes no stock, everyone would ask for it.

I am looking for that and I will publish the price if I get hold of it. The problem is one dealer has a price of 100K, another dealer may be 110K, once I published 110K, someone say its is too expensive... That is why there seems no standard "Price " for PP., not like Rolex, most of the dealer are offering almost the similar price.

Same for 5167, the price is HKD$129,000 now!

I thought that People buying PP is not questioning how much, but the matter of fact is.

Most of the people I know, even big collector, they are looking for the best deal in town. I cannot say wrong as I am the one to promote this spirit. Once you find the best deal, you would love to purchase it.

Afterall, the Watch might be used once in a while.

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply.

Is 5167 as hard to as 5711 in HK? Possible to get 12% off of hkd 129000?

I find the Rolex prices more professional than the PP prices. PP prices are driven by ads and super rich collectors.


HK Snob said...

Dear Mike

129K is the final nett price!
yesm you are right, PP has a funny way to run business, they are offering different discount depending to Walkin and VIP buyer. PP intended to remove clean off all grey Dealers pocket by reducing 20% price, is that rediculous!

That is PP, you are right, Rolex has a more professional way to handle sales

HK Snob