Friday, June 5, 2015

Carpe Diem

Bruce Lee Said, "Don't Bully me for My poor Education!"

There are numerous happy moments in our life.

Of course there are equal number of miseries in it, let’s forget it with a glass of good wine with your friends.

There is no association between Happiness and Wealth; but there is always a good price with a pitiful good watch!

The Mango Popsicle of a 5 years kid is as adorable as the Black Aventador of an executive.

My vintage 6694 with patina dial may not be as less adorable as someone’s PateK’s 5711 white gold.

No matter what the Tomorrow will be, either you face it with laughter or with pitiful pathetic worry!

Today we had a long chat with friend about the young generation who would have much less opportunity then we were in the 80’s and 90’s, I don't agree as nowadays there are still many chances for the young ones. If you have passion in your work, if you could really work hard; work Smart is the terms of those lazy people as an excuse. Your work will be soon been recognized, and reward will come!

Standard for Good Rolex search
No standard at all, most of the key point so the one you Like with the budget you have, and use it every day. That will be your GOOD Rolex!

Standard for a Good woman
Well, old said there should be having Three Big, and three small
Eye, Breast, Hip should be big
Mouth, Wrist and feet to be small.

Standard for your girl friend’s age
My golden rule Man’s age divided by Two plus ten will be the right age of your girl friend.

Standard for good taste
Try all the bad taste first, then you started to know what good taste should be…

No matter what the Tomorrow will come, either you face it with laughter or pitiful pathetic worry, it is my choice!

“Carpe Diem”

HK Snob

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