Friday, June 12, 2015

Is the rumour of Discontinuing a myth!?!

DeepSea D-blue Ref 116660 MRSP HK$90,500
I had a time to take an annual leave to day to studyt the Rolex market of HK.

I walked through at least 10 Rolex AD shops along Nathan Road, there is no single piece of such watch in these shops:- Oriental, Chow Seng Seng, Chow Tai Fook, Wah Hing, Dickson…Suisse Watch Company...

Well, my first one I bought at Dickson in September 2014 was HK$85,965 (less 5%) no booklet.

The last one I sold to friend in Philippines by hand carry was HK$91,000 Cash with Booklet in May.

Now the price is up to HK$98,000 as of today as our cost buying them is very high! Of course our watch comes with the special booklet.

I am speculating that the watch will go up to HK$99,000 next month.
This is a record high for Rolex steel watch even higher than Daytona Black which we can buy at about HK$90,000 and White with HK$85,000 from Parallel importer.

Could not imagine such a Deep Sea Diver's watch could reach such a price even under low economic situation on Europe and HK, as they are being supplied from Rolex in small number.

For those who have bought it, it is your decision to use it or keep it…?

HK Snob

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