Thursday, April 25, 2013

Willeke Teuwissen's Vintage enamel Gold Watch

This is a beautiful watch I spotted from Willeke’s wrist today whilst I was shopping at Santis Delicatessen, Alabang.

That is a tiny tank of manual winding, in 9KT (I guess) gold case with beautifully hand crafted enamel decoration Willeke is a pretty Dutch lady and she told me she was in HK last week.
She is representing Cheeseland Inc

The watch was so small and I believe that goes to the year 1940, Willeke told me it is a family heritage, that watch belongs to the year 1930s. Imagine that such a small watch without much waterproof feature can last for 80 years, That is a treasure under the family generation of impeccable care of it. The Crown shaft seems is not the original as it is a bit too long, it was obviously an replacement part. Overall this is a charming watch for Willeke.

A good mechanical Watch in gold case can last hundreds of year.
HK Snob

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