Monday, April 22, 2013


Picture taken By Samsung Note II LTE Whilst Arshad paid for the Submariner Ref 111660Ln at One of The Largest Rolex AD in TST

People are jostled to earn money as to support the family expenditure…

And we have seen a lot of friends who did not actually well utilized his money, I should say they don't actually own the money, the Bank does…

That he really feel the power of money at all.

When I bought my first Rolex in 1982 wih HKD$5,025 that was a Date Just men white dial with Roman Numerals with jubilee Strap, I found that is the first time I feel “Solid Satisfaction” of Life, as that was my first job to earn my first Rolex by my own hand, I was a Radio officer with British license to send Morse on Merchant Ship.  People may say Why I am So happy to have a Rolex? Yes, of course, it is a Rolex, and I am a cheap HK Snob!

My Salary was HKD$4004 a month in 1981. I was a bit puzzled if one day I could afford to buy a Rolex Day Date! As a Yellow gold Day Date was selling HKD$24,000 in that time.

I had a lot of friends who had money after one year working on a ship, they bought house, my Captain was earning HKD$9,000 a month, after one year he save 99.99% of his salary. As he spent only HKD$0.7 for a postcard to his son studying in Boston every time when ship arrive the next port! He paid his son’s school fee and support his living in US. That is the greatest father on Earth, He never go ashore to relax, he never eat anything when we moored in Kobe. But I went to taste the Kobe Beef. 

I met my girl friend from Osaka, Still remember her name Misaho, I may be able to find her in the fb now, but who cares as if still that was some of the finest memory in my mind… time has passed, I started to buy my own Rolex Day Date back in 1998, that was an used one from friend. Since then I collected, I traded, I used Rolex when I went work, hang out, Hiking and Swimming, I found out that the MORE you use it, the more you GAIN from it, and I never keep it in the dark cool safe, though Rolex never get rusted at all in the Safe.

But what is the point that you buy a Rolex but you never use it….

As we know one day when we leave this Lovely World, I will get Nothing… May be all my loved one would still have some sweet (or Sour) memories about the time we were, but all my Rolexes will be cash for Gold or sold in the Pawn Shops!

Dust to dust, earth to earth; after the death, your Gold watch and jewelry go Pawn shop

As Hung* Said,  塵歸塵,土歸土,金錶首飾歸當舖!

That recalled someone says : 3 stages of Life:

Teen Age – Has time & energy – But no Money.

Working Age – Has Money & Energy – But No Time.

Old Age – Has Money & Time – But No Energy.

So Today, pick up your best Rolex watch and wear it tomorrow when you have Time and Money!

HK Snob

PS*  Hung is one of my friends we started to know each other since 1990., He is a Watch Collector, a Turtle Shell Spectacle and Pen Collector,  he has a lot of Patek Philippe and Rolexes!


Anonymous said...

very well said Mr. Snob!


HK Snob said...

Thanks..... This is what I have seen over the years.
One senior Executive that I know for years that he worked hard, not really play hard, saved money for his family.
After his retirement, he went to holistic check his body for the first time. he was found having stage 4 Lung Caner. He died 2 years after. Is that what our life is for? He is decent man, earning 9 M a year, wearing a simple Seiko watch for years, no wine, no nothing, Just work and work...but he was a chain smoker! I think sometimes we have to pay respect to oneself threat ourselves with care, When We can afford, why not buy a gift every year as a reward for the hard work? I buy Rolex, but nowadays, Watches are getting expensive.. and a simple Gold watch is easily $150,000. Well, at least I have a piece of solid gold... It can always cash it for urgent need. Especial Rolex, resell price is good!
HK Snob

Anonymous said...

he saved alot of money for his family but what should have saved was himself for his family - that is quit the bad habit of smoking.

new Rolexes unveiled at Basel 2013 will you get any?

HK Snob said...

Yes what I mean is Life is more valuable than anything like Money!
Smoking is known harzardous to health! We Discourage Smoking!
Watch is important to remind us the time we have. Got to be a good watch!
yes, I received a Basel journal on BESEL 2013 a d I will let you know tonight!

HK Snob
Watch fever

Anonymous said...

What a very interesting life story you have Paul,
and your comment reply make me remember that recently in my country, a very famous and rich spiritual teacher, just pass away in single accident ( he crash his motorbike to road ramp) and he still very young. So what you said is right, we have to treat our self better, and our loved one too!
And I decide to use my Rolex more, than store it in dark cold save.
Recently I bought a Baume & Mercier watch, and I like it very much, I use it as my daily watch, but I also want a Tudor Classic
38mm serial no. 21023 diamond bezel and
28mm serial 22023 for my wife,
can you help me to check how much this watches in Hong Kong.
Thank you for your inspireing post

Albert, Indonesia

HK Snob said...

hi Albert,
yes, we should take care our belovd one. and Dont keep the watch in the dark cold safe! Wear it and enjoy, I think that was the major reason you buy it.
After some tenth of years, those good watches will be either sold into the pawn shops or cash for the Gold! What a Pity! The best arrnagement is the watches would be taken in good care by our kids generations genertaions. Only some good watch can last that long!
For the Tudor , I am checking with Rolex AD people! When will be our next trip to HK!? let me know in advance! Do you read Chinese!?
HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

My next trip to Hong Kong will be on 11 August 2013.
Price for serial no22023 28mm with diamond bezel in my town Rolex AD is about 35600HKD, but they dont have the 38mm. Is this a good price?
Unfortunetlly I can't read Chinese.

Albert, Indonesia

HK Snob said...

Hi Albert
Tudor 22023 with diamond is $50,500!

Your price is Excellent

HK Snob